Cristian Mesquida

Cristian Mesquida

PhD Researcher

Technological University Dublin

Cristian Mesquida Caldentey is a PhD researcher funded by Technological University Dublin and commenced his project in January 2021. He is currently investigating the replicability and reproducibility of sports and exercise science research. Cristian’s main research interest is concerned with the reliability of research findings published in sport science journals. Specifically, his current research focuses on determining the typical sample size and statistical power observed in sport science journals and how these parameters undermine the credibility of research findings in sport and exercise science research. Cristian’s other research interests are concerned with endurance physiology as well as triathlon and swimming performance.

  • Replication
  • Open Science
  • R
  • PhD in Replication in Sports Science, current

    Technological University Dublin

  • MSc in Integrative Physiology, 2018

    University of Barcelona

  • MSc in Research in Physical Activity and Sport, 2017

    University of Granada

  • BSc in Sport Science, 2013

    University of Vic